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Looking for a house wandering/touring App

thelawnmowerthelawnmower Posts: 2
Hi Everyone,

I am looking for an app that I can tour cozy houses, buildings etc. Do you know any for pc or quest? Thanks.


  • Crazy_SaneCrazy_Sane Posts: 369


    Have you tried the Anne Frank house tour? It's available on Quest and Rift S for free. The graphics are very detailed, and it's a very moving story.

    There's also Affected: The Manor if you want something spooky. It's a paid app available on Quest and Rift S in which you explore a haunted house.

    Mission: ISS is another great title which allows you to explore the International Space Station. It's available on Quest and Rift S for free. It's kind of a house... with no gravity. I highly recommend this one.

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