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Colours gone washed like too high gamma

XarstealthXarstealth Posts: 62
Hiro Protagonist
edited June 29 in Oculus Rift S and Rift
Hello guys...
sometimes id like to open a post where to say " hey i have no more problems with rift s" lol

Today, suddenly all colours are so washed, its like headsed have his gamma at 200% than normal and i really dont know how to change it on the oculus,
i simply did nothing, yesterday evening used rift s as usual, switched off switched on...rebooted oculus app the usual 3\4 times and played with plug\unplug cables to let it recognise (this is normal at every boot) and then discovered this amazing news.

Seems also has some glitches on corners when i moove head left and right but it could be because win 20h1 update that cause stuttering to me, now its just a little stronger

any suggestion? i had many different problems on rift but im worried about its not a sw problem as usual but hw but also dont know what happned while i was sleeping ^^

Edit...of course i did  no updates to anything, gpu usb windows and so on


  • XarstealthXarstealth Posts: 62
    Hiro Protagonist
    AHHAAHAH wth! after 4 or 5 fixed by himself ^^

    well...if someone will have same problem...try to reboot your pc many times ^^
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