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Keyboard + mouse

Johnbdx33Johnbdx33 Posts: 1
Hi there,
I'm going to buy an oculus quest but I'd like to know if it's possible to play with my keyboard and mouse instead of the stickers?



  • Pixie40Pixie40 Posts: 506
    Games specifically for the Oculus Quest use the Touch controllers. Same for games in the Rift store. However when you start getting into Steam VR, and non-VR games that support VR it gets more complicated. Some support using gamepads, some support the Touch Controller, some support both gamepads and touch controllers, and still others only support keyboard mouse.

    That said, you can get a bluetooth keyboard and mouse to pair with your Quest. This makes surfing the internet a bit less of a pain while in VR. It also lets you play many non-vr games while in VR, assuming you're using a program that provides the ability to stream your desktop to the Quest. There's just something magical about playing The Sims 3 or Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach on a cinema screen. :smiley:
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