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How to comfortably watch a movie?

TicianTician Posts: 8
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Hi there!

I am super-new to VR, bought my Oculus Rift S a few days ago and am still trying to figure out some stuff.
My first experiences are quite good, everything running smoothly, software just crashed once while playing beat saber and I nearly fell because of the sudden screen freeze in the game that caught me off guard - super weird feeling^^

I have tons of questions, but right now I am looking out for one thing: I'd like to sit on my couch or my bed (which both are in range to my PC) and just unteract with my desktop or watch something on Youtube. The issue: When I am on my bed or the couch I am out of my guardian-thingy - my playfield that of course doesn't include my furniture. So the cameras turn on, I can see my room and drag my browser to a place above me, surrounded by the black-white view of my cameras. Now I noticed after 5 minutes I get a message that I am outside of my playfield for too long and have to restart (or something, I can't remember the exact message).
Now I am looking for a feature to turn off the cameras and stay outside of my playfield to watch something and turn them on again when I am done and want to get back.
Is there something like that? Hope someone can help here, I can't imagine that this isn't a thing :)

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  • synchromesh62synchromesh62 Posts: 331
    edited September 7
    You cannot turn the Guardian off but you could just boot up in your bedroom and quickly create a new one on the Prompt .. The Quest will often remember rooms so most times you only need to do this the once for each room you want to use although you may need to look around for it to recognise its been done each time you swap rooms.
  • TicianTician Posts: 8
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    Thanks, I'll try this and hope it can recognize different parts of my room - my apartment is a giant room, which is the reason why I am able to reach my bed or couch within the 5 meter cable-length.
  • synchromesh62synchromesh62 Posts: 331
    Oh different parts of one huge room ?
    That will be interesting to see if it works ..
  • Double_ShotDouble_Shot Posts: 127
    I thought I saw an option for turning off the Guardian when I set up my Rift S a couple months ago?  The CV1 didn't have it but I would have sworn I saw something to that effect when I set up the new machine.  No?
  • synchromesh62synchromesh62 Posts: 331
    Missed the setting in Developer mode ..
    Nice one .
  • kojackkojack Posts: 6,955 Volunteer Moderator
    The downside to the quest method is it isn't preserved when you turn the headset off, so you have to keep enabling it. But its fine if you are just taking the headset on/off and not shutting it down.

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  • TomCgcmfcTomCgcmfc Posts: 2,841 Valuable Player
    kojack said:
    The downside to the quest method is it isn't preserved when you turn the headset off, so you have to keep enabling it. But its fine if you are just taking the headset on/off and not shutting it down.

    For me, since v19 the developer guardian off switch seems to keep fine between Quest shutdowns.  Only problem I find is sometimes my floor height drifts a bit and does not get corrected by holding down the Oculus button.  I then just need to temporarily re-enable Developer guardian again and re-set standing room.

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  • TrumpDunhillTrumpDunhill Posts: 7
    edited September 11
    Whenever I want to watch a movie I wear my VR glasses and used my standing desk to put a laptop and start watching the movie. 
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