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HELP!!! Oculus rift S keeps getting black screen and freezing!!!

ok well on my old pc i was able to play vr smoothly. no black screens after shooting a gun in h3vr or hitting someone with a sword in blades and sorcery. but now on my new pc, everytime i shoot a gun or hit someone with a sword or force grab someone, my game freezes and my screen goes pitch black. but on my monitor the game is running smoothly. when im checking the errors its telling me that my display port cable isnt connected. but it is? they told me it was my pci drivers but i installed it with my chipset drivers too. my specs are a ryzen 5 3600x, rtx 2060 16gb of rams.everytime i s


  • jagr034jagr034 Posts: 4
    ^^Everytime i switch back to my old PC everything is running fine. I really dont want to keep switching back to my old pc to play vr.

  • jagr034jagr034 Posts: 4
    pls any help will do.
  • DominatorVIPDominatorVIP Posts: 4
    edited September 10

    You may want to try reinstalling your drivers just for good measure, never hurts to try again. You should do so for both your main drivers for your GPU, CPU, etc, and your Oculus drivers. I find that sometimes when I have issues with my Oculus Rift, there's usually an Update that's hiding in the background that just needs Admin or something, and it usually fixes whatever my issue was.

    However, if that didn't work, you may have a broken cable. It's a common occurrence where someone is playing in VR, and accidentally steps on their cable, fraying/breaking a wire inside of it. This would lead to disconnections when the cable is still actually connected to your GPU. If this is the case, you may have to submit a Support ticket and possibly claim warranty (if it's still valid). 

    It may also be a Oculus bug which they need to work out. VR Is still very new and bugs are still very common. I doubt this is the case, but it's possible. 
  • TheMike956TheMike956 Posts: 9

    Check my topic on this forum, I have done a lot steps trying to fix it. The only soultion for me which have helped is replacing the cable. You can try all these steps, but for me it was a waste of time.

    If you know someone with a working headset, try asking their cable for some time and then make a decision on purchasing your own replacement.
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