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Oculus crashes with X-Plane 11


My Oculus Rift S crashes when loading any plane in X-Plane Vulkan. The white dot in the headset turns yellow in the middle of the loading process. When I do the Oculus Restart from the settings beta screen I can get the white led again, but why is this happening?

These are my steps...  Oculus home is not running. The HMD has the white led on. Start XPlane, the white led is still on, load the plane (any plane) and during the plane load process, exactly during the asynchronous load, the led turns yellow. Starting Oculus Home, the headset remains dark. Only thing I can do is restart oculus from the settings -> Beta menu in Oculus home but after 2 or 3 times you do this, Oculus will ask you to reset your game area. I have discovered that unplugging the USB cable also resets the white led... I will do that and hope I'm not breaking my VR set

Any help will be appreciated


  • TomCgcmfcTomCgcmfc Posts: 2,829 Valuable Player
    No problems with X Plane 11.50r3 Vulcan and my Rift cv1.  To startup I always follow this procedure;

    - startup OTT (mainly use this for audio switcher and to set SS (currently 1.4x) and asw (currently = off).
    - startup Oculus desktop app ; currently v20, no Beta (disabled), startup with Oculus home = disabled.  
    - startup xp11 with desktop shortcut.
    - when VR hanger shows up on my desktop monitor I put my Rift headset on, press a controller button (usually just use right controller), and select xp11 menus.
    - normal xp11 shutdown works fine now.

    Also, no plugins (including FlyWithLua).  If you have any plugins temporarily disable them (quarantine or move the folder(s) elsewhere).  Once you have everything running well in VR you can start to bring back plugins one at a time.

    I've found that in the past xp11 VR hangs if your graphics settings are too high.  You need to set these so you get about 80fps in 2D (non-VR) in order to get a stable 40fps (Rift S) or 45fps (Rift cv1).

    Hope this helps.

    Custom built gaming desktop; i9 9900k (water cooled) oc to 5ghz, gtx 1080 ti, 32 gb 3000hz ram, 1 tb ssd, 4 tb hdd.  Asus  ROG Maximus xi hero wifi mb, StarTech 4 port/4 controller sata powered usb3.0 pcie card, PCI-E PCI Express to USB 3.1 Gen 2 card, Asus VG248QE 1080p 144hz gaming monitor, Oculus Rift cv1 w/2x sensors, Vive Pro w/2.0 base stations/controllers, Quest w/Link and VD wireless (good/close 5Ghz wifi and PC with Ethernet cable to my Router).

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