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Does Oculus Support always take ages for replies?

Hey guys, so my controllers suddenly stopped working yesterday. I've tried everything at this point and nothing is working 😢  - I have tried waiting, I tried multiple new batteries, I tried unparing the controllers and repairing and I have also tried factory resetting the Quest. They were working fine, then when I went to use my Quest again, they suddenly weren't working. I contacted support and they did responded yesterday, but I haven't heard anything today since replying. Does anyone know how long problems like this take to fix? I'm just super worried it's gonna take ages too fix the controllers... I'm currently super addicted to Echo Arena and really wanna play it 😅 


  • xTheLegendxxTheLegendx Posts: 3
    Also wanna add that the controllers aren't powering on at all... If anyone knows what I can try, let me know.
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