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Oculus rift s Not working

AbellaSafetyAbellaSafety Posts: 1
Hello so I was just using my Oculus Rift S perfect like 3 hours ago. I than wanted to play again and I keep getting a notification saying. "Oculus Rift Isnt working correctly click here to check our support article" I have tried almost everything on that page and nothing is working. On the oculus app thing on the computer it says everything is connected perfectly all check marks. I am so confused.
Thats the error thing I get everytime.


  • OculusSupportOculusSupport Posts: 1,062 Oculus Staff
    Hey @AbellaSafety updating your USB drivers, removing non-Oculus USB devices other than the mouse and keyboard as well as trying another cable may result in helping the situation. Updating Windows is also another thing to try, as well as re-running the setup to repair the software. If you still have issues, reach out here. - Principe
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