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A Petition to Oculus Management for Better Customer Service

Thanatos1311Thanatos1311 Posts: 13
Brain Burst
    The one complaint that seems to bring down the rating of oculus products the most is the poor customer service. I get that people with a problem are quickest to voice it, while the happy seldom speak up. However, the most common thread of all complaints that I can find are about the customer service. The rating of 2.3 out of 5 on the BBB actually is intended to reflect that happy folks speak up less, and it is still only 2.3. Trust Leads has them at about 30% trust rate, and most other rating services fall between the two. That is absolutely horrible when you consider how easy and potentially cost effective it could be to improve the system. I hope other people will post to this thread in support of improving customer service(support). Something as simple as adding a phone line would make a tremendous difference in that rating. Providing better training and tools to the support staff or replacing them entirely with a cost effective BPO option like TRG(does/did apple tech support among others, with excellent training teams).

    If we want VR to keep moving forward, we need to encourage the companies dealing in it to maintain high enough standards to make it a worthwhile field for development. Oculus was my first VR purchase, and it has come a long way from my VR experiences as a kid 25 years ago. I have been perfectly content with the product and it's function, my GEAR works perfectly. Please bring oculus back to being worthy of consumer support!


  • Thanatos1311Thanatos1311 Posts: 13
    Brain Burst
    edited September 13
    Since asking anyone at oculus(oh I mean facebook) to do their job is anathema, I will resort to posting here. TAKE ME OFF YOUR MAILING LISTS YOU SICK FUCKS. You have violated your own terms of "service" plenty at this point so fuck off
  • Double_ShotDouble_Shot Posts: 127
    Doesn't matter to me any more.  I'm selling all my Rift equipment after I get a replacement next month.   Facebook can s*** my d***.
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