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how to transfer purchases game from one oculus account to another

kuinamor1kuinamor1 Posts: 3
I'd like to transfer one of my purchased games from one oculus account to another. How can I do this?


  • nalex66nalex66 Posts: 6,204 Volunteer Moderator
    You can't, games are non-transferable.
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  • FadeeawayFadeeaway Posts: 42
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    I would also like to do this, since the facebook merge. I don't want to share with the world what and when I play. (Yes I know you can disable this, but there will be one or more updates in the future that reset your settings without your knowledge). Only solution to this is to create a second fb account and use that one for oculus. I havn't done my merge yet and wonder if you can merge to a fb accout with a different mail than what you have for your oculus..
  • dorj1234dorj1234 Posts: 1
    It's in Facebook's interest to allow this. 
    I created a new empty account for Oculus, my old account has been disabled since ~2 years ago.
    I bought a couple of apps, now I love them so much I want to re-enable my facebook user, but I will not do it if I can't move my purchases to my original user account.

    Oculus? Facebook? anyone? don't alienate people just to make a few extra $$ 
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