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Why i cant not prorder from germany? "Out of Stock?"


  • DarkMoSDarkMoS Posts: 3
    There is a law in Germany that prevent association of 2 services having to be sold together, in this case Facebook and Oculus, for this reason they stopped selling Oculus devices in Germany until they get to a resolution.
  • s4Luuxs4Luux Posts: 10
    Brain Burst
    All we can do is asking them repeatedly for updates about the situation. I really don't like it how we're just being ignored atm. With the Rift S being discontinued in favor of the Quest 2, this would mean Oculus is dead in Germany if this doesn't get resolved.
  • Zerocool69Zerocool69 Posts: 3
  • SharpfishSharpfish Posts: 1,310
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