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Is there a way to return my quest 1 for the quest 2 and get my money back ?

Hi !
I bought the Quest 1 on August 6 (last month) for my birthday.
But then, today I saw the announcement for the Quest 2.
I would like to know if it's possible to return mine, and get a refund (or at least the 100 € of difference) to let me the opportunity to pre-order the Quest 2 ?

As a Belgian student, I actually learn programming and software management for virtual reality, so I would be extremely grateful if it is possible to get any refund :/
Thanks in advance for your time and your answer.


  • TyreckkTyreckk Posts: 1
    Same here man! I got my oculus quest for $400  64gb about a month ago and now there is a $300 64gb headset that just came out and it's better than the more expensive one. Like what???  We need a refund or they should make it where we can turn it in for the quest 64b for the new 240gb quest 2
  • falken76falken76 Posts: 3,053 Valuable Player
    Good luck, most companies don't offer trade ins.
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