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OG Quest linked to FB account. Add Quest 2 to the same account?

ufcfanufcfan Posts: 85
Hiro Protagonist
If I keep and continue to use my original Quest (which is my plan) will I be able to connect Quest 2 to the same account and have access to the games I purchased on both devices? Will I have to factory reset the original and delete it from my FB account in order to sign up the new Quest 2 to that account, which defeats the purpose of keeping it? I intend to use the OG to take whenever I want to demo VR to others without having to worry about them damaging it as much. FB (Oculus) should be able to determine that I purchased both devices (and that they are different devices) and allow me to connect the same FB account to both and allow access to my game library through either, but will that be the case?
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