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Two questions about keyboard and cell phone

First question.  I have watched the connect presentation but can't find a definitive answer to may question.  When Quest 2 is released will it have AR that will let me use my physical keyboard to type on with all my if I was just doing it off a pc screen.

Second question.  Is the Oculus 2 cell phone dependent?


  • kojackkojack Posts: 6,962 Volunteer Moderator
    Assuming it continues to work the same way as the Quest and Go, you will need a phone to do the initial setup of your account onto the headset. After that it isn't required (except for special situations like turning developer mode on/off).

    They did show a keyboard thing, but I have no idea when that will be available or how well it works.
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  • GwillumThargGwillumTharg Posts: 3
    I agree the physical keyboard with an AR interface will be a game changer for serious usage of a PC / MAC environment in VR. Actually I just want a chrome book environment, which as it's Android based should be possible. I think face book have plans for a work VR offering.
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