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Will oculus allow returns under warranty even if touch controller is cracked?

playsamay4playsamay4 Posts: 2
edited September 16 in Oculus Quest 2 and Quest
Hey, I want to return my whole Oculus Quest 1, and I still have 10 days left on my return window. Although, my left touch controller is cracked along the "Oculus" Logo. I know you can replace the touch controller for free, but i am worried that it would take longer than 10 days and i would be out of my return window. Would it be possible to return the quest even with the cracked touch controller, cause im still under warranty and have 10 days left on the return window,


  • falken76falken76 Posts: 3,053 Valuable Player
    Ask them.  If that 10 days is your return window (I.E. you bought it roughly 20 days ago and still have 10 days on the reciept to return)  If that 10 days is on your warranty, no way.  Do you want to return it because the Quest 2 came out so you want to get a full refund and return the controller slightly damaged so you can use that credit to get a brand new quest 2?
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