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How to watch video files from PC to Quest 2 via USB cable not WiFi

I just got my Quest 2 and would like to use it watch some video files stored on my laptop PC hard drive. It looks like all of the instructions for doing this either suggest transferring the files to the Quest or watching the videos via WiFi on Bigscreen or a paid app like Skybox or Virtual Desktop. I'd rather not to do any of those things and instead prefer to connect a USB A 3.1 to C cable from my laptop to the Q2 and watch the videos over that cable. But when I make the cable connection I see the Quest on my laptop but I can't figure out how to see my laptop PC on the Quest. This leads me to believe that what I am asking for is not possible, but I thought I'd ask here just to make sure. Thanks! 

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  • TwrchTrwyddTwrchTrwydd Posts: 29
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    edited October 16 Accepted Answer
    Just use Oculus Link !
    The Oculus PC Software must be installed on your PC of course.
    As soon as Link is active you get a dashboard on the Quest and one of the buttons there is "Virtual Desktop" which gives you full access to your linked PC.
    From there you can do whatever you want to do on this said PC.
    So select a movie and play it with your favourite Mediaplayer installed on the PC.
    Though he experience will be by far not as good as when using e.g. SKYBOX

    At least on Quest-1 it works this way :-)


  • VJSAVJSA Posts: 6
    Thanks! I forgot about that Link cable option. I have a cheaper USB A 3.1 to C cable that I'll try.
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