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Quest 2 sidequest games "No launch ability"

1Jobe1Jobe Posts: 33
Brain Burst
I have dev mode enabled but "unknown sources"  in Quest 2 is showing either "delete or cancel" no other option .
What's this?


  • 1Jobe1Jobe Posts: 33
    Brain Burst
    edited October 17
    This is frustrating. Maybe try to reinstall hmd software w/reset  and go through all steps again?
    edit: reset and looked into tv
  • MeowcaTheoRangeMeowcaTheoRange Posts: 5
    Is it an app that you can enter (stuff like Calculator, Browser, YouTube)? or is it an app that you cannot (like Gboard, Google Play Services, Daydream Keyboard)?
    Can you give specifics?
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