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Cheap elite strap and facial insert

bigmike20vtbigmike20vt Posts: 4,389 Valuable Player
Ok I can't comment as to how good they are but I just bought a quest 2!elite strap for £20 delivered from AliExpress. It looks like a ripoff of the PSVR strap they have other styles for similar price . I also got a fake leather replacement face insert for £10.

delivery is a month I will post back when they arrive
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  • pcdriverspcdrivers Posts: 6
    You can see on Telegram Channel @accesorios_vr a lot of articles compatible with oculus quest 2
  • johnAreedjohnAreed Posts: 2
    I got one and it's great for the headband. Mine no longer creeps up the back of my head. The face insert is not the best, especially if you wear glasses (as I do) but it is fairly comfortable and worth the price.
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