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[NEW beta released 2014-07-17] Welcome to Oculus

treytechtreytech Posts: 243
edited November 2014 in Showcase
New discussion thread: viewtopic.php?f=42&t=14645


In my opinion, there is a noticeable lack of demos suited for the first time Rift experience. A person's first time in the Rift is a pretty powerful thing, and I did not like to see it wasted. Dumping a user into a room or environment without any story or build-up seems counter-intuitive to the immersion factor that the Rift allows us. I wanted to tell a story, slowly introduce the user to the Rift, and warm our way up to the more "fun" experiences. The story aspect also lets the user connect on an emotional level with the experience. First impressions are important, even more so with the social stigma virtual reality gained from premature attempts at its creation.


Controls: Hit space as the directions say to begin, tap "b" to reset orientation, and tap "m" to toggle mirroring.

Notice: You'll need a set of codecs, like these.

  • Update Sep 24: Minor bug fixes/improvements. Submission to Oculus Share.
  • Update Sep 18: New build uploaded with mirror to desktop support and a check to ensure video is playing.

Features planned for the next release (sometime in November or December):
  • The ability to select some different options before beginning the experience.
  • A looping ability, or at least an option to restart without closing the program.
  • The ability to pause the experience.
  • The ability to jump to a certain scene.
  • MAYBE a short version and long version.
  • A more exiting intro sequence. (Want to grab you and not let go).
  • An "Oculus ride vehicle" instead of a chair, featuring an integrated screen.
  • A user avatar.
  • Positional audio.
  • Custom subtitle support for multiple languages.
  • 3D video examples.
  • Mass visual improvements.
  • Better flow through the experience (some portions will be shortened).
  • Many new experiences added that show off other aspects of the Rift.
  • A more powerful ending experience.
  • A healthy dose of polish.
  • New video and narration (perhaps a real voice actor)
  • Gear VR support
  • Mac support


  • RnRpaxRnRpax Posts: 15
    This is such a great use of all the various informational videos, interviews, conference talks, reaction videos, etc. to provide a succinct recap of what has happened in the past year and a half. As a first time experience I think this fits the bill nicely. It doesn't require that the user be familiar with controls, just hit space and you're off.

    Other feedback / Misc:
    - Damn you for the
    Slender Man section. I knew what was coming but I still cringed. :lol:
    - Took you a week and half to learn Unity and come up with this... I really have no excuse at this point for not trying/attempting to take a stab at creating something.

    Great demo!
  • NukemarineNukemarine Posts: 493
    Hiro Protagonist
    edited February 2014
    You win, that was amazing. I honestly thought it was going to be so, so but then the lights came on.

    Ok, now that I collected my thoughts:

    * Have the intro video locked to the face, then in middle lock it to space (may not be a good idea)
    * The reset view button (normally "B") wasn't working so my view was slowly drifting.
    * The avatar could have a more natural pose (hands on lap). I think there are better avatar assets available as well
    * During the pipe segment, move the large block and have the pipe swing two or three times (with sound effects) before the player needs to duck away.
    * When you show the large cavern of Reddit, keep the avatar sitting down in the chair.
    * There was some minor freezing during the Slender and Final scene.
    * I'm not a fan of the scaring part given that this demo seems to be for everyone.
    * The voice distortion becomes noticeable near the end.

    On possible demos:

    * I'm a fan of the video player aspect of the Rift. Show a 3D movie clip (start small 2D, make it a big 2D then it becomes 3D) and 360 movie clip (start small, make it IMAX then reveal it full 360). You can use John Carmack's talk during the same Rift clip from E3 as he mentions 3D out of the box.
    * Similarly, show the 360 images both Stereoscopic rendered and Streetview. Mention it's a new way to re-experience vacations and memories.
    * If possible, put the viewer in Redframe or The Room briefly as those are good examples of presence in normal rooms.
    * A demo segment with regards to scale would be great. Using the Tuscany scale demo can be an option. Showing that you can feel like a giant or an ant in the same location (Alice in Wonderland effect) would be great. Same thing but use an object or moving animal that grows and shrinks a great amount.

    Again, great job. Really impressed with the demo.
  • karrtoonkarrtoon Posts: 120
    It was just a tad on the cheesy side, but I totally got what you were going for. It was really good and glad I sat through the whole thing. You definitely got the point across, and I hope Oculus does something similar. (But on the another level graphics/presentation-wise) This is really good for a beginner and better than anything I could possibly make now (I've been at it for 6 months). You are a fast learner. Thanks for creating this. :)
  • gocovalentgocovalent Posts: 46 Oculus Start Member
    Wow! This was so needed... great idea man and that voice! Definitely going to try this on some first timers and I'll let you know their feedback. Overall the idea of something like this I think is important for VR to have. Really like all of the different experiences so far and I wouldn't mind even a couple more if you can do it! It does run really smooth too, good work with that. I'll post again soon with some feedback.

    Thanks for the experience!
  • JasonOstbergJasonOstberg Posts: 22
    Brain Burst
    Welcome indeed. That was groundbreaking. Bravo
  • I wouldn't be surprised if Oculus creates something like this for the consumer version. It's a fantastic way to show off the hardware without having to do a thing. I wish I could figure out a way to stop mine from rotating off centre though, that's a pain in the ass.
  • treytechtreytech Posts: 243
    Nukemarine: I've uploaded a new version in which you can press "b" to reset the drift (at least I think I did, I never had any issues with drifing). I'm looking into the performance issues at the end, but I can't do a thing about the voice unless I pay someone to actually do the voice over.

    I would like to add some more experiences into this demo, but I need to learn more about Unity first to be able to add some more interesting things in.
  • Awesome!
  • StuPerStuPer Posts: 59
    Excellent demo, a gentle but at the same time inspiring intro, great work.
  • treytechtreytech Posts: 243
    There are now TWO different versions of the demo, the new version is a tamer ride without the "scary surprise."
  • MarbasMarbas Posts: 109
    Hiro Protagonist
    Hey! Great work on this demo. Congrats!

    As an hardcore Oculus fan and early kickstarter backer, I recall each and every video or image related to the Rift shown in your demo. Looking back at the long 9 months wait for my Rift to arrive, I can certainly say I have never been so excited about anything like I was about the Rift. Ill remember that period of excitement for the rest of my life.

    The demo is great and well put together. But I'm not so sure if its the right kind of demo for the complete beginner that wants to try the Rift for the very first time. I think it works best for the beginner that is already an enthusiast. I speak from personal experience showcasing the Rift to numerous people that never tried VR and had not heard about the Rift. Typically, I would start explaining a compressed recent history of VR to build up excitement. Something I had to drop as I learned very few was interested and instead just wanted to jump right into the rift-coaster demo. I have also dropped explaining about resolution and screendoors. As it seems for the beginner, being not aware of it beforehand, raises the visual quality of the experience a tad.
  • getnamogetnamo Posts: 85
    Brain Burst
    Excellent synergy of information and show. I like the part where you combined the latest devdays talks with actual content. Great work!
    Current Project: Skycall
  • benlbenl Posts: 50
    Hiro Protagonist
    That was an incredibly cool idea, well executed, I enjoyed it very much. In fact, I can't believe somebody had not thought of doing something like this before now.

    Very inspiring!

    BTW - did you use a speech synthesizer for the voice? If so, may I ask which one?
  • chadyochadyo Posts: 19
    Oh my god, great demo. I'll definitely be showing this one first to anyone I have demo my dev kit. I always find myself explaining the current state of VR and how Oculus came to be to those I've had demo the rift, but I think something like this is a much more effective tool. Thanks for making this!
  • ccsccs Posts: 219
    Hiro Protagonist
    Really great idea and really well done! I would like to see more 1st time user or VR sampler apps that mix a bunch of different experiences to show what VR is capable of.

    I'm amazed you did this in such a short amount of time. I can't wait to see what you could do with more time!
  • smxsmx Posts: 37
    Which voice did you use?

    (You made a great demo)
  • treytechtreytech Posts: 243
    I'm using the "Ben - British English" voice from the little demo on this site:

    Although, the site looks cheap enough that they might be licensing the voice from someone else.
  • kamau00kamau00 Posts: 43
    Nice work. I felt like I was on a Epcot tour.
  • FictionXFictionX Posts: 289
    Hiro Protagonist
    Had to try it out in Windows because of all the praise it got - and I wasn't disappointed! This is great!

    I agree with Nukemarine that it got a little confusing when the avatar was suddenly standing up. Those of us who have been using the rift for a while hardly even notice anymore, but I think that people who are new to VR would feel that "something was wrong".

    The final part is awesome, and I loved both the effect and (what I think was) the symbolism. I got chills! I'ts been several months since I last got Rift-induced chills - so thanks :-)
    ... Maybe a bit more bells and whistles to round it off wouldn't hurt, though... I kept waiting for something like an old-school VR THX trailer to go "tadaaa"! - with fireworks and particles all over the place. :-) But it's already awesome the way it is.

    As always when a new exceptional demo comes around, I would really appreciate a Linux (x86 + x86_64 (Universal) build. It would definitely be going in the favorites folder.

  • MarkMMarkM Posts: 71
    I really enjoyed this -- the only questionable part is the "scare scene" .. I would probably always use the tame version to get people introduced to the Rift and Virtual Reality.

    One thing that might be cool is that when you are in the theater run some video on the left and the right hand sides of the room so people get the idea that they should look around.

    I would change the scary scene into one where you are sitting outside but you look around and up to see a beautiful sky--using photo realistic skybox.. would be cool to show something besides what looks like computer generated graphics.

    Anyway--I thoroughly enjoyed it. Great job.
  • drashdrash Posts: 2,849
    As you already saw on reddit, I thought this was great. I just tried the "tame" version and I think that, although you obviously put some work into the scary part of the original, it was a good call to remove it.
  • treytechtreytech Posts: 243
    I plan on adding more content near the end, but I just removed it as a band-aid fix until then. I've had enough late nights this week that I needed a little break.
  • JamesMcCraeJamesMcCrae Posts: 208
    Hiro Protagonist
    Hi treytech! I just tried this demo - WOW! Very awesome.
    The slender man part was certainly scary enough (for me anyway), but just the right amount personally without me tearing the Rift off. Definite chills though lasting into the next part! Same with the cliff part where I fell in the "text room" to a lesser degree - great sense of scale in there. The examples of the small cube you could reach - the cube above - and the pipe, very awesome.

    Really great - definitely something I will be showing everyone from now on.
  • jayohjayoh Posts: 98
    Hiro Protagonist
    awesome. very impressive, even for someone who's played almost every demo out there and knows probably far too much about the rift's journey.

    loved the valve browser room!
  • kwxkwx Posts: 13
    Thanks for making this demo, and I really like how it gradually introduces additional elements that ramp up the immersion factor while providing useful background information.

    However, I think the "presence" related parts are potentially very misleading without further context.

    In Michael Abrash's talk, "presence" specifically refers to the sensation you get with a very high-end VR kit where your brain just accepts it as real, and he gave a checklist of requirements needed to get that effect. The current developer kit definitely doesn't meet those requirements. When your demo shows off bits that seem to match what Abrash is talking about, such as standing on a ledge and ducking under a pipe, people viewing it in the DK1 may justifiably wonder what the big deal is and that this "presence" thing is overrated.

    While I haven't had a chance to try the Valve demo, I'm pretty confident that it's a very different experience. Peering over a ledge or ducking under a pipe pretty much requires positional tracking to feel real, and DK1 doesn't support that beyond a very simple neck model. On the contrary - any experience that encourages you to shift your head around is likely to feel very nauseating due to the lack of proper head tracking. And the perceptual mismatch due the user sitting while the avatar is standing also doesn't help.

    Would you consider adding a disclaimer that viewing this on the DK1 is just a very rough approximation of what the full experience is supposed to be like? But overall I'm not sure if it makes sense to try to replicate the Valve demos on a device that doesn't nearly do them justice.

    Personally, I think the DK1 is best for experiences where you don't need to worry about precise positioning, for example "Titans of Space" or "Flying in Dreams".
  • treytechtreytech Posts: 243

    Those are good points. I don't want a user to walk away thinking, "huh, if that is as good as it gets, maybe it isn't all that it was cracked up to be." The goal of the demo is to give a taste of what is to come, and build excitement based on that anticipation, rather than strictly based on an experience today. I think I will re-engineer the demo to a large degree in the next few weeks. This release was mainly to get feedback after only a week and half of learning Unity, and in that facet it was a success.

    I just know it can be so much better.
  • ClintClint Posts: 1
    WOW! Perfect! Well done. If you decide to do any updates to it, you should add more examples of vr.
  • amenconiamenconi Posts: 116
    I really enjoyed this demo. I'll definitely use it as the start off when demoing it to others in the future. Great concept and execution.
  • velvvelv Posts: 8
    Love it. Especially the Matrix quote (I always use that one to describe the feeling of wearing Oculus) and the white room. Will show this one to my friends. :)
  • danworlddanworld Posts: 127
    I keep up with this forum, but I haven't posted much in a while. I had to log in to tell you good job! This is awesome. I like your part about VR being the ultimate canvas for creative expression.
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