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Battle of Zarnowitz demo

karelkarel Posts: 52
Hiro Protagonist
edited May 2013 in Games and Apps

We are working on a digital "battle reenactment" project that will hopefully serve as an educational tool and will demonstrate the course of historic battles. When we first heard about the Rift we got really exited because the device would give us a chance to put a spectator inside the battle. So naturally we made a Rift compatible version of it :D

A few thing to know before you try it out:

The user is constrained to the ground. We had flying version but up in the sky you really cannot make out the details in distance due the low resolution and do not have a clear overview of the battlefield. This will be changed once the consumer version of Rift is out.

This is still a WIP. There are many funny things and bugs happening here and there. Originally it was designed for top down view and some things may not look or feel very natural in firs person view (sound, billboards, formations and etc).

The battle has 4750 men in the scene and now with the Rift it really needs a pretty powerful computer to have an enjoyable experience. If you can play Museum of the Microstar you should be able to play this.

This demo has only the first 10-15 minutes of scenario played out. Then everything stops and you need to restart the scene in order to see the scenario again. In future we would hope to create an entire battle scenario and have a Rift user as a virtual tourist in it :)


Download link:

Hope you like it and we appreciate any feedback and suggestions you may have :)


  • zwickarrzwickarr Posts: 45
    Brain Burst
    its cool being in a middle of a battle but I felt I was much larger than everyone else. I felt at least 8 feet tall.

    Also the FPS dropping below 60fps makes me sick (sometimes it went below 30fps). I cannot stress enough how important it is to keep the framerate at 60fps or more.

    look forward to seeing more, thanks.
  • wblanchettewblanchette Posts: 48
    Brain Burst
    Very interesting. I think this is a perfect fit for VR, reminds me a little of the Total War games which, iirc, were actually used by the History Channel to create some historical reenactments.
  • defactomandefactoman Posts: 33
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    I like the concept and the arrows flying in my face were awesome. That said frame rates were all over the place making it very hard to follow (as low as mid 20s and as high as low 50s). I run a i7 930 | 12 GB of memory | Nvidia GeForce 670
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