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[Website] RiftEnabled - Open Rift link database

kevinanderssonkevinandersson Posts: 11
edited May 2013 in Showcase
While waiting for my preorder, I thought I might as well do something useful. I've been collecting quite a lot of tech demos and other Rift related software over the past month. Instead of having a static website, with one person updating content, I've made this open database for developers to share their projects. Basically editing is open for everyone. Even though this current version is only the administrative tools, there will be a front-end / browsing part down the road.

Let me know what you think.



  • KrisperKrisper Posts: 168
    I was hoping someone would put together a list of all of the excellent projects people are working on. I am still waiting for my Rift, but once it arrives I will definitely be going straight to your list. I hope you continue to update it even if others fail to help.

    Well done.
  • A couple of updates:

    User signup / login
    Get emails on new approved apps
    Filter by genre / feature (by clicking the icons / links in the list)
    Image upload
    Added several new features to apps
    Added sidebar links
    Added approval system for administrators
  • metrowavemetrowave Posts: 11
    This is great. Fantastic job. It is so important to have a page like this as the developers increase. It is good for the community and the dev to have a source. Only one suggestion, is there a way to have the new entries marked with 'new' or have a column for date added?
  • BlueshockBlueshock Posts: 32
    Nice one, my evenings just got even more crowded!
    Little request, could you please make the target of those hyperlinks "blank" so to not take the user away from the list when finding new demos?
  • A little update:
    Apps: Advanced search (by feature)
    App: Rating (by user)
    App: Detail, Lightbox
    Bug: Image upload, max size now 1280x800
    App: Admin, edit app link
    Comment: Automatic link generation
    Create App: Automatic retrofit selection when driver is selected

    System: New OS added, Linux
    System: New Engine added, Unengine
    User: User favorites & member favorites
    User: My settings
    User: Favorite list
    App: User Comments
    App: Detail view

    Thanks mate. I the "new" app badge planned (for users with an account) – And there will probably also be a search option. If you sign up for emails, you will get emails every time a new app is added. Down the line there will be an option where you can select which apps interest you.

    I just finished the initial version of the search engine, which can be found here:

    I added that feature on the user account settings yesterday ;)
  • Metrowave
    New features added:
    Apps: New entries since last login
    Apps: New comments since last login
    Apps: New updates since last login

  • Another feature update:
    Apps: Creation date
    Multiple feature filtering
    New entries since last login (user account)
    Live keyword filtering
    Vote count on rating
    App: Vote count
    Search: Released
    Has download link
  • SawersadamSawersadam Posts: 49
    Has this stopped working?
  • spire8989spire8989 Posts: 337
    Hiro Protagonist
    The original link doesn't seem to work, but the direct link does.
  • Thanks Spire,
    I forgot to change the password for the DB on the old site yesterday. Should be fixed now.
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