Bekomme Elite dangerous nicht gestartet es zeigt mir nur an das es lädt und es passiert nicht mehr

NavarrasanNavarrasan Beiträge: 1
Wer kann helfen ???


  • FrontierSupportFrontierSupport Beiträge: 121 Oculus Partner
    bearbeitet Juni 2019
    Hi CMDR, 

    I am sorry to know that you are experiencing this! Could you please submit a ticket to us here:

    When you do, please attach the latest version of your dxdiag as this may indicate why you are experiencing problems.

    You can obtain this by following these steps:
    · Click the "Start" menu

    · Type / Search for "dxdiag" and open it.

    · In the new window, click on the button labeled "Save all information"

    · A "Save As .." dialog box appears. Choose a mobile destination and click "Save".


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