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Framerate Tips?

jmorris142jmorris142 Posts: 83
edited September 2014 in Unity Development
Hey, I've only had my DK2 kit for a few days now, Love it!.. but I had been working on a few game ideas for a long while beforehand to prepare them for oculus.
First thing I am really noticing is that framerate is king.., so a lot of my scenes are now stripped down and really optimized. Still running OK but not great. I can really tell that a great smooth experience should be the guiding factor over features and graphics so I prepared to try anything.

I read and implemented the entire Unity Integration .pdf and still have some framerate issues on even very simple scenes after building. (Difference between running at 58 frames and 65.. seems huge, for me anyway in terms of screen tearing and other issues)

My question is, has anyone here with more time and experience found any good additional tips for keeping smooth framerate. (Shadow settings, Shaders to avoid, Bone count/ max influences etc etc). Thank you.


  • GeraldGerald Posts: 1,068
    Nexus 6
    first find out what is eating your performance (and if you maybe just need a new GPU/CPU) - there is a profiler in Unity that should be helpful.

    and given the current trend - have a look at PolyWorld on the Assetstore, I use it to create super performant worlds :)

    there are a ton of approaches though - the easiest is to start with nothing and add so long until you hit the FPS limitation, and then see if you can optimize something to make room for more "stuff".

    there are plenty of ways to optimize, but there is not one universal truth for every game. an openworld needs a different approach from a dungeon ...
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