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Dark, burnt colors in Unity 5 on DK2

KuboldKubold Posts: 119 Oculus Start Member
edited April 2015 in Unity Development

I see dark burnt colors in the DK2. For a split second, they are normal (like in viewport), and boom, they go darker. For me, it looks like everything goes darker when low persistance kicks in (it's just my guess, because in Unity 4, if low persistance is off, the colors are bright and go to "normal" when low persistance is on. So it looks like in this case they start normal, but when low persistance kicks in, they go super dark). Important thing - I see burn colors only in the Rift, on the display. If I make a screenshot - the colors are normal on other displays. The dark colors are visible only through the Rift.

Unity 5 beta 19 and 20 (tested both), Oculus 4.4 and 4.3 (tested both), firmware 2.12. Other demos look ok.


  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    Could it be an issue with gamma or linear color space?
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  • KuboldKubold Posts: 119 Oculus Start Member
    Thanks for quick reply :)

    No, not really, I tested linear and gamma, same thing. It's something with the Rift's software + Unity 5 beta 19 and 20, I think. If I switch to "Direct HMD Access from Apps", I can see that the image is correct on my normal monitor, but it's burnt and dark in the rift (the hardware). It kind of looks like somebody just set the contrast on the rift to +300. So the rift is getting a correct image from the game, but darkens it on the helmet level. But it's not a helmet malfunction, because other games work correctly.

    I would test how it looks on high persistance, but I had to delete the OVRMenu script, to run in on Unity 5, in the first place. I bet the image would be normal on high persistance (and it should be too bright).
  • KuboldKubold Posts: 119 Oculus Start Member
    Ok, I might mention, that my game is pretty dark (dungeons), some areas are almost black, and it's those areas that are so burnt out in the Rift that they turn green. I went to graphics card options and manually decreased the contrast of the helmet to about 70% and increased the brightness to 110%. It kind of helped, the burnt out colors turned to normal-ish (but blacks are more like very dark greys now). Other games are a little too bright now, but that may be my subjective feeling. Could it be that simple, that the 0.4.4 (or DK2 itself) has lowered brightness by default, and I just got used to it? In DK1 we had manual buttons to set it up, just like in normal monitors. Do dark games NEED to have contrast decreased?
  • MikeFMikeF Posts: 998
    I'd like to add that i get this with unity 4.6 as well when low persistence is enabled. Every version of unity and the sdk (since dk2 support was added) i've tried has always had this happen
  • DarthDisembowelDarthDisembowel Posts: 110
    I have exactly what you describe on my laptop (brief flash where it looks ok but immediately becomes extremely dark), but it looks fine on my PC, so I don't think it is the Rift itself.
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