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VR JAM - "VR: House of Languages" + APK/Video

MaximMiheyenkoMaximMiheyenko Posts: 64
edited June 2015 in VR Jam 2015
Hello Guys,

Great to hear you. My name is Maxim Miheyenko, I am working on project "VR: House of Languages" for new way to learn English/Germany/Spain/French (and more) languages by VR.

House of Languages - it is new way to learn English/German/Spanish languages. App specially created to show VR opportunities of study.

Lastest video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Ffbhukf ... e=youtu.be


In front of you is friendly Mr. Woo and a room with a number of everyday 3D objects. Your task is to help Mr. Woo to find different objects. So while helping Mr. Woo, you will learn foreign words in interactive VR environment. The 3D items become alive and tell you the their name to help you to improve your language skills. Look around, tap to pick the item, simple to play, simple to remember.

Our main goal was to create beautiful, warm and cute VR environment for you to discover, interact, learn and enjoy.


Use your perceptual system to study languages:

(Vision) see the name of object;

(Sound In) hear the name of object;

(Sound Out) say the name of object;

(Touch) touch the 3D object in VR.


House of Languages is a very effective App for learning new vocabulary using different ways of receiving information from VR environment.

<Future potential>

We are planning to create different locations with different objects (words) to study. For example: kids room, garage, hospital, airport, shop and many more. We will add more languages and levels so you can choose the best option for you.

Stay tuned. Great challenge.
Maxim Miheyenko,
VR Production.

House of Languages: viewtopic.php?f=77&t=22268&start=40


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