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[SILVER!!] Neuralgia VR (APK & EXE included)

spinaljackspinaljack Posts: 347 Oculus Start Member
edited February 2016 in VR Jam 2015
Postmortem: http://www.mechabit.co.uk/blog/oculus-v ... st-mortem/

Original post:

Hi everyone!

You may remember us from the last VR Jam with Chicken Walk

So a lot of people seem to be doing multiplayer games, probably because of the multi-user interaction judging criteria and hey we're doing one as well!

This is a 2 person co-op game where one person plays an FPS game while the other has a top down view and has to guide the first player around the map. Communication is key to complete levels as each player will have different information and you need both for the full picture.

We're also going for an abstract/surreal look with a limited colour pallet. Everything is made from scratch during the jam (no pre-made assets!) and this is the first networked game we've made (never touched netcode before!) so it will be a bit of a learning experience for us. What we've made is a vertical slice of a bunch of mechanics we'd add into a full game. Post jam we'll probably firm up the story line a bit and replace the photo memories with images related to the story and add a photo/audio/secret unlock gallery and a saving mechanic.

Hopefully it will be as popular as Chicken Walk ;)

Requires 2 Gear VRs
Both devices need to be on the same wifi network with internet access.
It can work over the internet but you need to forward port 25000.
Ideally you should play in the same room so you can talk to eachother.
No gamepad required, touchpad only.

[*]Swipe forward to walk
[*]Walk towards the memory cubes to collect them
[*]Tap to pick up and put down
[*]Swipe back to rotate objects
[*]Look at buttons and tap to activate
[*]Pick up the gem to complete the level

[*]Look at the holo table to interact with it
[*]While looking at the table, swipe left/right to rotate
[*]Swipe up/down to zoom in/out
[*]Tap on memories to pick up and put down
[*]Tap on an audio memory to start playing (syncs over the net)
[*]While audio is playing, swipe left/right to scrub through the timeline
[*]Swipe up/down to change audio pitch/speed (headphones recommended)
[*]Hold the touch pad to create a pointer on the map

Most importantly both players should be constantly communicating as some objects only appear in one view and not the other. Search for clues and watch out for guards.

Challenge Post:
http://vrjam.challengepost.com/submissi ... indiver-vr

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ucl7GuI ... e=youtu.be

https://vrjam-submissions.s3.amazonaws. ... lgiaVR.apk

Windows (non-VR, for testing multiplayer without 2 GearVRs):
https://www.dropbox.com/s/fb4g2ee1kdqzc ... n.zip?dl=0

Programming/Development/Voice Over - Kevin Tsang
Art - Julian Fisher
Design - Vivienne Wu
Music - Martin Gratton (Listen to more of Martin's music in our other game, Kaiju Panic)



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