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PomeroyBPomeroyB Posts: 36
edited May 2015 in VR Jam 2015

Check out the APK here!

WARP! is our entry to Oculus’ Mobile VR Jam 2015. It’s a fast-paced, arcade-y game in which you are controlling a spaceship, flying throughout the stars. But the space is dark, and full of terrors… Namely, small geometric shapes hellbent on smashing into you. By way of your holo-control screen, you must dodge or destroy the enemies, explore the sector, and WARP! to the next zone.

No chance to relax yet – WARP! is a dangerous place, and you must keep your ship on your carefully calculated path to make it out alive. Successfully exploring a sector and navigating the WARP! will allow you to upgrade your ship to better handle the unrelenting onslaught of alien ships.
Will you build up big guns, and smash your way through, or pick up a cloaking device and time manipulator to sneak past the waves of enemies? It’s up to you!

My teammate and I are pretty excited to be participating in the jam. Neither of us has made a game before, so we're kind of flying by the seat of our pants. We're documenting a bit of the process on our blog, so check it out if you have the chance!

In the meantime, here's a few quick pictures (Click to show full res!) to show off what we've got so far:

A quick sketch of your ship, getting ready for modeling

The finished ship -- Modeled in Blender

Your ship and various enemies, as they would be seen on the holo-grid

Lastly, your ship, in all its glory, traversing the WARP!

Stay tuned! :D


  • JoyhypeJoyhype Posts: 40
    Looks really cool!

    How will the player control and move the ship with Gear VR?
    SaaS and Fullstack developer. Hobby Game developer.
  • PomeroyBPomeroyB Posts: 36
    We're still discussing the best method for that... Currently we have the a reticle that's controlled by the user's head, and the ship will accelerate towards that. Unfortunately, it's difficult to shoot enemies when you're running away from them, so we're trying to come up with a slightly different control scheme.

    We're boxing ourselves into the limitation of no controller, however -- So all controls will be head movement and touchpad!
  • Jaycee900Jaycee900 Posts: 223
    This looks good so far, maybe an alternative to Anshar Wars? Will it have missions as such?
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  • PomeroyBPomeroyB Posts: 36
    No missions or anything, no... Though we've been toying with the idea of challenges. A big part of the game will be upgrading your ship just before you exit each warp tunnel (And move on to the next stage). The current plan is to make it so that once you choose an upgrade, you're stuck with it until the end. So a challenge might be "Collect only Stealth related upgrades, and complete the game without destroying a single enemy".

    Our goal here is to have a fast paced, complete-able game -- There will be an ending, and you'll probably reach it within 15 to 30 minutes... but you'll have only used a fraction of the possible upgrades, which gives it some nice replay value.
  • Jaycee900Jaycee900 Posts: 223
    Sounds good, i'm a old school gamer, so i like completing missions or stages, so i'm glad to hear it will have stages in and a ending, looking forward to this one!
    Mini Gear VR Reviews Blog --> http://gearvrreviews.blogspot.co.uk
  • PomeroyBPomeroyB Posts: 36
    Time for some power ups!


    Hopefully these icons are obvious enough for people to understand at first glance... but just in case, we'll have some tool tips underneath them.

    Also check out our ChallengePost submission! We've got a bit more info on there, as well as some in game screenies!

    Moving right along!
  • PomeroyBPomeroyB Posts: 36

    Here's our Milestone 3 video!
  • spinaljackspinaljack Posts: 347 Oculus Start Member
    hah, I just realised that there were 2 games called WARP in this game jam lol

    looking good though, keep it up.
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