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  • Jaycee900Jaycee900 Posts: 223
    Elvina wrote:
    but we have big plans for the future version and even we want to create series of projects for those amongst us who don’t have the use of physical arms, where they will be able not just to draw but also create the music or play, study, etc.
    Great idea! A music app would be the first target after you complete this art one!

    Keep up the good work Elvina!
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  • ElvinaElvina Posts: 54
    Oh, Yes, Jaycee900! You are absolutely right! Thank you :D
  • ElvinaElvina Posts: 54
    My friend draw it for me in VirtPaint
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/mp1l36247t1dj ... 2.jpg?dl=0

    Do you have picture made in VirtPaint?
  • TwitchmonkeyTwitchmonkey Posts: 1,121
    This looks really cool as it is, but I could see tremendous possibilities once we have eye-tracking in VR, not only would the painting process be much less physically-strenuous, you could also take advantage of specific eye movements like winking to start or stop the flow of the brush or switch brushes. This is a very cool option for people that cannot use their hands right now, but with eye-tracking I could see it being preferable to a mouse and perhaps on the level of a tablet if you could figure out things like opacity control.
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