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Come help VR Jam devs test their builds!



  • NilspferdNilspferd Posts: 51
    TegTap wrote:
    Nils - I just played through all your demo levels on KitKat, and I'm very impressed how clean and smooth the whole thing was. Nice work! I feel like this is another great game that hopefully won't fly under the radar.

    I'm trying to come up with a critique, and I can't really. All I can come up with are cool feature addition requests - like a cursor (my gaze frequently drifted to the wrong gear) and the ability to change my viewing angle of the puzzle.

    I heard that feedback with the gaze a lot, but I wanted really to try without it so I more work in to make it more accurate, but maybe it wasn't enough. So probably you're right, we maybe should put that back in.
    We thought about activly changing the camera position and also tried a few things out, but there was not enough time to get that implemented right. Thank you very much for testing and the great feedback!
  • koalamutekoalamute Posts: 7
    TegTap wrote:
    Just tried it out, and I have to say, it was more intense than I thought it would be. I could locate everyone based on their footsteps. I know that one of the primary game mechanics is not being able to see - I would still love to get a brief snapshot of what's going on once the user has committed to an attack. Maybe the player has some sort of zen power where they can get a brief glimpse with their third eye during a stroke or something. Just a thought. The text in the beginning is kind of jarring, since the stereoscopy isn't lined up, and can only be read with one eye shut.

    Hi TegTap, thanks for the feedback - glad you found it intense.
    My original idea was to have flashes of the enemies when you hit them or when you were hit, but I decided to strip it down to the purest audio experience possible to see what it was like. I like the idea that a blind person would have the same experience playing it as a sighted person (except for the text in the beginning, where I would have added voice-over if I had time).

    I'm sorry to hear that there was a problem with the text. I haven't heard that from other people who have played it but I've got an idea it could be because the text isn't shown to be at any certain distance from the user. I had a similar problem with text being hard to read in another experience where I wasn't getting any distance queues with the text, but it would work for some people. That's really helpful to know that the text is a problem - thanks for letting me know!
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  • marchansenjmarchansenj Posts: 77
    Hiro Protagonist
    TegTap wrote:
    Would love some help testing Polo:
    Especially the multi-player.

    I Just tested the single player. I like your tutorial with the books and scrolls. Running through the tunnels low to the ground is a pretty cool effect. I'm not entirely sure what's giving me away to the cat, or what kind of maneuvering helps me avoid the cat. Your game looks very pretty, by the way. I like that there's variety with different playing fields.

    I'm one of those unfortunates who likes VR but is very susceptible to simulator sickness, so I didn't last too long. my body never seems to be able to adjust to virtual running.
    Thanks TegTag for trying,
    As far as why the cat is getting you its probably because your not squeaking when he Meows. Its a game of Marco-Polo (the pool game). Every time he meows you will hear it and a Squeak Timer will start it in the center of your screen and will shrink. You have 3.5 seconds to respond with a squeak Button 1 or else it will give away your position and he will come running, so if you do miss it find your nearest tunnel. As far as out maneuvering the cat that is hard to do best is to not eat cheese in a spot where you can't watch the entrance and exits and if you see Marco use a Tunnel to get to another room.
    Thanks again for trying.
  • LucaMefistoLucaMefisto Posts: 73 Oculus Start Member
    Just got my hands into the new S6 Gear VR.

    Apnea and Bazzar are not working.
    Colossus and the Van Gogh experience are.

    Do you know if this will affect the judging? or will they test in a note 4
  • spinaljackspinaljack Posts: 347 Oculus Start Member

    Do you know if this will affect the judging? or will they test in a note 4

    I think all judges are using Note 4 with OS 4.4.4
    Also samsung gamepads so if your game only works on a moga pro maybe add that in the description
  • jakeslack27jakeslack27 Posts: 93
    Hiro Protagonist
    Thanks for the input guys, looks like the vast majority cannot play :(

    A 'Prefer Internal' build has been put up for anyone interested in trying again: https://vrjam-submissions.s3.amazonaws. ... ternal.apk
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  • technicooltechnicool Posts: 1
    It' a little late here, but I've mainly been testing with the 5.0 Android for BlueprintVR. Would anybody be able to test with 4.4.4?


    http://vrjam.challengepost.com/submissi ... lueprintvr

    You will need a gamepad in order to fully explore with the app.

    Also, I appreciate any feedback of the app's mechanics, as I do intend to continue development of it after the challenge is over.
  • zylickzylick Posts: 45 Oculus Start Member
    Virtual Vikings: Being able to toggle between 3rd and 1st person is a cool concept for this genre of game. The scenery is nice and the premise is cool, but I couldn't quite figure out what to do. I was getting some judder on my KitKat Note 4.[/quote]

    You have to figure out what the Past Spirits want, there are interactible objects in game and you have to use your 3rd person view toggle to find them.
  • creat326creat326 Posts: 84
    Hi there
    mind testing mine? (it's on my signature). It requires gamepad though.
    The latest apk is here https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/434 ... telite.apk

    I've got some complains about framerate and I'm working on it. Is it too bad?

  • creat326creat326 Posts: 84
    edited May 2015
    I'm afraid we can't give out apk to test to anyone anymore right?
    My apk seems to run only on my device
  • SvenVikingSvenViking Posts: 298
    Yeah, to get builds to run on anyone's device you needed to upload them to the Global Signing Tool, which was taken offline after the contest deadline.


    If anyone with a Galaxy S6 could let me know whether my original build works for them, I'd appreciate it. One person reported that audio played but the screen remained black on their GearVR with the S6.

    http://vrjam.challengepost.com/submissi ... -battalion
    Scorched Battalion - VR Jam edition available for Gear VR and DK2 (Win/Mac/Linux)
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  • CatrikCatrik Posts: 66
    Brain Burst
    Scorched Batallion

    I just tested it on my S6 edge Gear VR
    lollipop 5.0.2
    At&T model...

    The only thing i can see is the split in half unity splash logo. I can hear all audio but no picture its all black screen. Any further builds i will be glad to test.

    On my note 4 everything works fine audio and visual its also lollipop 5.0.1 but with snapdragon chip At&T model
  • SvenVikingSvenViking Posts: 298
    Thanks! I've created a thread in the Mobile Development forum to try to find out whether it's likely to be related to a known issue. It would certainly be useful if you could test new builds, since for all I know it could be something that's been fixed in a Unity update for example. I'll PM you about it.
    Scorched Battalion - VR Jam edition available for Gear VR and DK2 (Win/Mac/Linux)
    Jungle Juice
    Sven Co-op
  • I know this may not be right place to post this, but the forums website won't let me start a new topic.

    Aaaand, this may seem like a dumb question, but I weirdly can't find the answer anywhere:

    How do I try Jam entries on my Gear VR??? What am I doing wrong? I download the APK, install it, I get to the Unity splash screen and it crashes. 9 out of 10 apps I try do this. Am I supposed to have something else installed on my device? If so, I can't find that info anywhere. I'd like to try a lot of these but nothing is working!

    Sorry again for posting here, but if I try to start a new topic, the site bumps me to my Account page every time.
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    @andrewmatthews01: Try removing the SD card from your phone.
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