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[Finalist] Awakening - Top Down Action RPG.

rjmig88rjmig88 Posts: 83
edited May 2015 in VR Jam 2015
I'll start off with our just submitted video :)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FmbHDp9noH8
Play through video(spoilers!): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYhB50beVds
ChallengePost: http://challengepost.com/software/awake ... king-title
APK Link: https://vrjam-submissions.s3.amazonaws. ... kening.apk
DK2 Link (Free, donations accepted): http://rjmig88.itch.io/awakening-vr-jam ... d/purchase
Supported controllers: http://www.gallantgames.com/pages/incon ... ontrollers
If you're using a Moga Pro please be sure you set it to B mode


For those of you who can't use attacks I've also bound the attacks to these keyboard shortcuts. You can try out an app like Tincore Keymapper (https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... pper&hl=en) to remap the keys for your gamepad.

Gamepad commands:
Left Stick - Move
Right Bumper - Lock on/Unlock
A - Jump
X - Scythe Attack
B - Cast spell
Y - Summon & order undead

Keyboard commands:
F - Lock on/Unlock
Space - Jump
Q - Scythe Attack
W - Cast spell
R - Summon & order undead

Awakening (working title) is our first virtual reality game and our submission for this game jam. It is a virtual reality action role-playing game, combining the best from Zelda and Diablo. Our core mechanic is our head tracking system to easily target specific body parts on boss fights. Targeting specific parts will let you either do extra damage and/or status effects like grounding the dragon, snaring other bosses, stunning them, interrupting attacks/spells at key moments, etc. You may also use head tracking to order an undead minion too.

We've had a lot of of ups and downs throughout our journey so far. The biggest challenge has been getting performance to where we want it for our art style and plans on the GearVR. We're working round the clock on polishing gameplay, getting the boss dragon to be epic, and making sure the journey to him is just as fun filled and exciting. We hope to get an early build to everyone to playtest before the final submission this week.

I've been a game industry veteran for five years now, saving up my money these past five years to start my own game company. I had a huge interest in creating video games since I was 12 years old, where I cut my teeth doing mods for Jedi Knight Dark Forces 2. I started this company to focus on Virtual Reality game development after I picked up a DK2 this past September and been hooked ever since. I'm really humbled that I have two friends helping me out now on this adventure. It feels great to be unshackled and go Indie! Regardless of how the game jam goes I'll make Awakening come alive into a full product. :)

I'm happy to answer any questions!

- Randy

Randy Martinez - Founder/CEO, Lead Engineer
Melvin Tan - Engineer
Eric Covarrubias - Level Design
Jeffrey Clark - Additional Design

Special Thanks
Nathaniel Doldersum for Terrain Composer and for helping me export our terrain as a mesh (which really helped on performance.)


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