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VRRRM - APK ready

tlkalltlkall Posts: 63
edited May 2015 in VR Jam 2015
VERY IMPORTANT: Before you start this app you MUST enable Bluetooth on your Note 4 and make it visible to other devices for 2 minutes.

Hi all, I finally got my build ready. I don't have any Gear VR and this is my first VR app. Thankfully, I had played around with Unity prior to this, but still this is my second unity app that reached a distributable state.

VRRRM is a virtual reality exercise app. VRRRM is supposedly the sound you will hear when you riding down the highway and cars are buzzing past you. The irony of it all is due to time constraints the cars in this game aren't moving.

You'll need a second Android phone with Bluetooth. The second device should be at minimum a dual core device with 512mb ram, and have an OS new enough to run Unity games.

However, for the purpose of this competition, I've put in a temporary debug mode in the menu that lets you play with just the headset. Just in case any of the judges or fellow Jammers don't have access to a second device or unable to connect their devices.

Feel free to download and test it out.. I'm quite anxious to see if my 1 month of hard work, results in success or a black screen.

Without a Gear VR for testing I've decided to avoid using any gaze looks.

I still do some recordings, like how to make your own thigh band. (an improved version)

Notes: Just don't do creative things like connecting more than one device to the server :lol:

Submission Link: http://vrjam.challengepost.com/submissions/36514-vrrrm

VRRRM is a road coaster-based experience that puts you in an immersive environment where you can explore it in real-time by simply exercising. VRRRM is in the genre Real Time Fitness. <br><br>
To use this app requires at minimum a stationary exercise bike or a chair and a second android phone to be attached to your leg. You can attach the second phone with either another Gear VR device, a mobile armband, or the use the Life Hacker worthy design shown on my submission page.<br><br>
Users will ride an in-game bike and be able to control both their movement speed and select different paths at some junction points. The movement will be more intuitive and more accurate than using a
Obesity affects 2.1 billion people world-wide, and estimated 80% of Americans lack the recommended amount of exercise. VRRRM hopes at making exercise both fun, safe and rewarding.<br>

*TSelect menu is an fast way to answer Yes/No questions without using your head as a cursor. Simply tap anywhere on the touchpad. One tap for yes and two taps for no. The Tselect method allow developers to target the visually impaired market. Allowing them to build audio based apps and games with easy to use menus. TSelect system is much faster than head gazing.<br><br>
*Co-processing. By using an external mobile device that does not have to render graphics, allows the additional device to dedicate itself to process instructions such as AI that would otherwise have been handled by the main device. This allows the Gear VR to produce better scenes, run cooler, and faster, hence provide a much better user experience.<br> <br>
*The pedal system. Unlike traditional Oculus biking apps that requires lots of wires, arduino kits to be outfitted to an exercise bike, VRRRM offers, user friendly and portable approach.
By using a separate device to track your leg movements you can sit safely on an exercise bike or chair. The detection is much more accurate as the 2nd device is positioned optimally, has a much lesser processing load.<br><br>
At the same time this apps help fight the lack of exercise and obesity that affect over 1 billion people world-wide.
The pedaling movement is highly intuitive, simply pedal to move forward. And the leg strap can be made mostly with ordinary items you may find around the house.
No more boring text or photo rewards at the end of an uneventful exercise regime like traditional exercise motivation apps.
By utilizing a Bluetooth connection you don't need to find an open WIFI connection to connect your devices together.
<br><br><b>About the app.</b><br>

To use this app in addition to the Note 4 you will need a second android Bluetooth phone. Whilst you can play with just the Gear VR + Note 4, it pretty much defeats the purpose of the app which is to make exercise fun, safe and enjoyable. (If you only have one device you can use the menu to turn on the debug mode which will let you tap the touchpad instead of using a second phone)
<br><br><b>How to use. </b><br>
Bluetooth settings.<br>
1) Have you previously paired your two phones and are they still paired? You may have paired them to transfer music. They will generally remained paired unless you update their OS, etc<br>
YES ----> Please go to step 6<br>
No ----> Go to Step 2<br>
2)You can pair it manually in android settings. If you are not sure how you can install two VRRRM clients which will help you pair your two devices. Simply install the VRRRM Client on both devices, and run VRRRM Client on both devices.<br>
3) Press the + button in the top left hand corner. And click Use Bluetooth on both devices.<br>
4) On one device Click Create Server. When you see the popup click Allow. Wait around 5-10 seconds and on the other device select join server. Now find the first device the list and select that device.<br>
5) You should see a pairing window. Click Yes to pair. Once this has been done the server window should change colors. You can now close both applications. (Note as long as you have clicked YES to pair devices on both device they should be paired.)<br>
6) Install the VRRRM server on your Note 4. And the VRRRM client on your other phone if it hasn't already been installed<br><br>

The following steps are required due to the security settings of Android and must be done each time before playing VRRRM.<br>
7) Go to the Android Bluetooth settings on the Note 4 and turn on Bluetooth and click your device so it is visible to all devices for 2 minutes.<br>
8) Run VRRRM Server on your Note 4 and plug it into your Gear VR. Once the game has finished loading please allow it about 5 seconds to setup the Bluetooth server.<br>
9) On your other device run VRRRM Client and press the + button.<br>
10) Click join server, wait about 10 seconds then select the Note 4 from the list. If there is a successful connection the color of the screen on the client should change. In addition you should move a tiny bit on the Gear VR if you shake the VRRRM client device.<br>
If it does not connect repeat steps 10. If you cannot get it to connect after 2 minutes you will need to start again from step 7.

*Please note you're in-game movement is restricted in the first 12 seconds after a successful Bluetooth connection allowing time to secure your *other device and put on the Gear VR.<br>
*Both devices will be prevented from sleeping. If you manually put the Server device into sleep or minimize the game it may be bugged when you return to it.<br>
*You may want to turn off Bluetooth after playing to conserve your battery life.<br>
*You will probably need to perform step 7 even if you don't have a second device.<br>

<i>Move forward:</i> Pedal the bike to move forward. For your safety the pedaling speed has been capped at 140 RPM. <br>
<i>Brakes:</i> Slide your fingers downwards on the Gear VR touchpad. <br>
<i>Path selection :</i> Tap the touch-pad when a Path selection is shown. These will appear as floating spheres. The path you select will appear green.<br>
<i>Show/Hide Menu:</i> Slide your finger upward quickly on the Gear VR touchpad.<br>
<i>Next Menu item: </i> Slide your finger left/right on the touchpad.<br>
<i>TSelect:</i> TSelect is a menu selection system that lets you answer Yes/No questions quickly. To answer a TSelect question. One tap is yes and two taps is no. By default a TSelect will treat two taps within 0.45 seconds as a double tap. <br>

<b>The Road ahead</b><br>
*This app could be massive. Huge level designs, custom bikes and parts, heaps of cars, clothing, avatar etc. I could spend thousands of hours on this.
*Support devices like Fitbit, Samsung Gear Watch, Apple watch. Bluetooth!!!!
Lightweight builds. Making simpler version for lower end hardware. The Gear VR is a sturdy device, devices like Google cardboard might work and may not fall apart due to sweat or vibrations from the bike?

Server Apk v1.03 for note 4: https://vrjam-submissions.s3.amazonaws. ... x05_VR.apk


Client APK: https://vrjam-submissions.s3.amazonaws. ... _v1x00.apk<br>

In addition to the Oculus warnings this app has some specific warnings.
Only use on a stationary exercise bike or a chair. If you are not familiar with the exercise bike give it a quick cursory inspection to ensure it meets the Health and Safety standard of your country, you will not be able to notice defects once you put on your headset. DO NOT use a treadmill, stepper or any kind of gym equipment in which you are not seated. Take off your Gear VR before getting on or off the exercise bike. You may want to consult your doctor before making a big change to your exercise regime, and remember to keep hydrated.


  • tlkalltlkall Posts: 63
    EDIT: Opps I broke something again.. I try to fix it :(

    https://vrjam-submissions.s3.amazonaws. ... x05_VR.apk

    Ok my first attempt seem to crash immediately.

    This is my second attempt. To begin with even the Gear VR demos, i build on my system will crash immediately with no errors, testing on Nexus 7, and Moto G.

    I made the following changes:

    *Made its use GLES 2.0 and forced GLES 2.0 in manifest
    *Made it arm only.
    *Turned off multi-thread rendering
    *set the minimum apk to 19.
    *In my first build i deleted the "DO NOT DELETE" file in the android assets folder i put that back this build.

    I'm using a highly modified settings. Rather than the one included in the package.

    The new build. I can at least see the launch logo. Bluestacks is actually able to start the game and is 100% playable (with screen tap pedaling)

    Anyway my friend wants me to go to her graduation tonight. Shame if I have to miss on that.. lol

    EDIT 1: I seem to have lost 10 frames a second on a build with no OVR compared to first build
    Ok we are up 2 frames a second lol.

    Please test out this new build to see if the game can be launched.
  • tlkalltlkall Posts: 63
    If you have not checked out my app do so now. Its a biking app in which you use your feet to control the game


    I've been working on it hard. Hes a sneak peak at the stuff I'm being working on.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YoL8c2k ... e=youtu.be
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