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[Final] Galaxy Grapple: first-person RPG w/zero-G grappling

ThisisdanzoThisisdanzo Posts: 37
Brain Burst
edited May 2015 in VR Jam 2015
A first-person RPG/shooter with minor citybuilding aspects and a light-hearted sci-fi feel. Kind of like a more casual Borderlands with a splash of SimCity Buildit. About 20-30 minutes of gameplay in this demo.

Main mechanics are grapple hook movement, resource collection, mine building/upgrading, combat with weapon/shield upgrades, NPC quests, and one turret gunner mission with slightly different combat mechanics (freeze+AOE bomb).

Submission page with APK: http://vrjam.challengepost.com/submissions/36303-galaxy-grapple

Gameplay video:

Main challenges for the future are getting the framerate to a consistent 60+ (currently 45-60), and ironing out the mechanics. Combat and resource mining aren't integral enough to the main loop.
Galaxy Grapple - GearVR, no gamepad


  • ThisisdanzoThisisdanzo Posts: 37
    Brain Burst
    And with an 8:59AM video update, I can safely say I've never worked harder in my life. Can't wait to try these all out in 24-72 hrs after the induced coma.
    Galaxy Grapple - GearVR, no gamepad
  • Jaycee900Jaycee900 Posts: 223
    No replies?!
    Just wanted to say i played this the other night and was very pleased, i played through till the next distress call (had other apps to try out!) but i loved the grapple mechanics, no motion sickness, the mining and shooting sections were well implemented too, hopefully you carry on and expand this as i see you didn't make it through in the comp, but i loved it!
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