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Changing description, can we?

creat326creat326 Posts: 84
edited May 2015 in VR Jam 2015
Anyone knows if we can update the page without getting disqualified now? I don't want to change the build link, just add some more details to the descriptions.


  • SvenVikingSvenViking Posts: 298
    Just mentioning, but as far as I've seen there's no edit button anymore, so there shouldn't be any danger of being disqualified because you can't change it anyway. ChallengePost seems to have some sort of copy of the page in your Portfolio that can be altered, though.
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  • creat326creat326 Posts: 84
    Yep there is, on mine: http://challengepost.com/software/dogfight-elite-vr
    I see a big "edit project" button on the right side. It allows me to modify everything except the apk upload.

    The system allows the changes but I don't know if it would disqualify us uploading new images/videos and such.
  • tlkalltlkall Posts: 63
    I would really like to remove half a sentence that i dont want.
    Be nice if the finalist are allowed to edit their text before the final judging phase. With so many people spending their time on getting their build working.. I think quite a few just lacked the time to work on the descriptions
  • creat326creat326 Posts: 84
    Exactly. I thought the description was more for the judges, so mine is pretty straight and technical.
    Now that I see that everyone can read it and vote on it, I would give it a different feeling: more friendly and descriptive of the game itself instead of the technology. But during the last final hours I just didn't have take to go over the text since the apk had to be sent and tested. The focus on the description was really small at that point.
  • BinaryBinary Posts: 40
    Brain Burst
    When you edit you create a new version, the original submission keeps locked. Check it here and klick View latest version:
    http://vrjam.challengepost.com/submissi ... rry-surfer
  • creat326creat326 Posts: 84
    Wait a second... so which link is the one people need to vote on?
    On your link it says "vote for this submission" but on the newest version it says "vote for this project"
    Are they the same thing or one will count and the other won't count? Because that would be a serious mess for all people voting already.
  • tlkalltlkall Posts: 63
    no idea.. but i do know the first page is locked.. It says if you want to post comments you need to go to the 2nd page.

    Since edits would affect the 2nd page. I assume you would vote on the first page which has been locked for that purpose?

    And most people wont read the 2nd page. So if you do post a comment so your fellow Jammers can get a better understanding about your app they probably wont read it.
  • creat326creat326 Posts: 84
    yeah but on my case I've been sharing the "latest version" link, since it made sense to share the newest version directly.
    Now i'm worried all those votes are lost
  • mbzdmvpmbzdmvp Posts: 65
    Hiro Protagonist
    This is very strange. I didn't realize you could vote on both pages.

    I would assume they affect the same vote count but since they have different text "Vote for this project" vs. "Vote for this submission", it seems like they might have different scores.
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  • NilspferdNilspferd Posts: 51
    hum? Ok I thought the project page is just a copy of the submission page, so I already updated some screenshots there, I hope that doesn't disqualify?
  • SvenVikingSvenViking Posts: 298
    Pretty sure the reason there's a copy is so people can change that copy as they wish without affecting the one that counts for the contest.
    Scorched Battalion - VR Jam edition available for Gear VR and DK2 (Win/Mac/Linux)
    Jungle Juice
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