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[APK] Fathoms Below - Download and Play!

TegTapTegTap Posts: 21
edited May 2015 in VR Jam 2015
Now that I've caught up on some much needed sleep (amiright, fellow jammers?) I'm finally getting into playing some of your awesome games, and finally posting about my own:

The video on my challengepost page is atrocious, so I made this one tonight. My low-res challenge post video was recorded with a pretty poor app. I didn't even know about the adb shell recording capability until yesterday, and the results were much better. This video is also more concise. The adb recording also meant leaving a lot of the sound effects out, but I added some of the voice acting after the fact for this video.

Here's my challengepost page: http://vrjam.challengepost.com/submissi ... homs-below

Here's the APK: https://vrjam-submissions.s3.amazonaws. ... _0.0.6.apk

when you're following your guide in the first level, some testers have experienced a bug which causes you "fly away" out of the playing area. The sure way to avoid this bug is to allow your guide to finish swimming before you swim after her.

Let me know what you think of the head nodding input method for swimming - I spent a log of effort designing it to be intuitive and comfortable. It's been great to see my test subjects (many who are complete non-gamers) immediately pick up on swimming.

I hope you enjoy the game. I plan on adding more to it after the jam!


  • spinaljackspinaljack Posts: 347 Oculus Start Member
    Looks very nice, now all you need is a disney license for the little mermaid lol
  • drashdrash Posts: 2,849
    TegTap, this was a wonderful experience. The environment is clear, interesting, and immediately soothing. The mermaid is beautiful. The premise is pretty neat, and I managed to beat all the puzzles with a good sense of satisfaction.

    I must admit that the core locomotion mechanic you're using isn't completely comfortable for me, and I imagine it won't be until headsets get much lighter than they are now. It will probably be a lot easier for you if/when Gear VR gets positional tracking and you'll be able to work with more than the head pitching up and down (such as the head translationally bobbing up and down in tandem with slight nodding etc).

    Anyway, really impressed!
  • TegTapTegTap Posts: 21
    Thanks for the feedback, spinaljack and drash. I've played your prior games before, and really enjoyed them. I'm looking forward to playing your jam submissions soon - probably tonight after the kids go down. I'll let my 7yo daughter know you liked the mermaid's look - she had a large role in the mermaid design!

    drash - did I just see that you're located in Murrieta? I live just up the road from you in French Valley! I'd be honored to take you to lunch and talk VR with you.
  • drashdrash Posts: 2,849
    TegTap wrote:
    drash - did I just see that you're located in Murrieta? I live just up the road from you in French Valley! I'd be honored to take you to lunch and talk VR with you.
    PM sent!
  • SvenVikingSvenViking Posts: 298
    What I played of this was excellent, and I think you should definitely submit it (or an expanded version) to the Oculus store. I only had two issues:

    1. "Gently nod your head" seemed like kind of an understatement. I would have preferred it to be much more sensitive.

    2. I hit some sort of bug in the first puzzle room. After completing the rotation picture puzzle, I attached the spiky sea urchin thing to the lower right spot in the door to see what would happen, and it wouldn't come loose. A sort of pool or hole in the ground opened allowing me to see a lower area. I couldn't swim through it, but items could be dropped through, never to return.
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  • TegTapTegTap Posts: 21
    Ssvenviking - Thanks for the feedback and the bug finds. I really appreciate it.
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