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Confused - So are there bug builds or not?

ricard2798ricard2798 Posts: 432
Hiro Protagonist
edited May 2015 in VR Jam 2015
Just asking cause the last thing posted on the notes for VR jam seem like a retraction, and no bug builds allow unless you happen to be contacted directly by oculus staff.... is this interpretation correct? or am i missing something?


  • tlkalltlkall Posts: 63
    I think If you are a finalist you may be given the opportunity to build a bug fix if a bug is found that makes the game unplayable. I think this would be limited to problems getting the app to actually launch or install, or maybe crucial features such as GUI interactions to start your game.

    But not game specific game-play stuff such as triggers failing to work, unkillable enemies.

    Just remember this Jam is about innovation and experience and promise.

    I'm interested to know who we are benchmarked against when it comes to innovation? Only those apps that made it to M4?
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
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