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[APK] Le Bon Bon - Unleash the mouse within

8bit8bit Posts: 94 Oculus Start Member
edited May 2015 in VR Jam 2015
Le Bon Bon
Roll big delicious donuts for your precious dying mouse grandmother.

Hey guys, I really wanted to bring Oculus Maximus back into the mix but my original team members were too busy with many other life things. Instead I bring you something much less bloody and less decapitating... A friendly game that you and your kids can play. Very rated G and very fun to play.

Think Katamari Damaci meets Ratatouille.


The Game
You are a little mouse, "Pierre" who wants to make your dying grandmother happy. All she wants is pastries from the most famous bakery in France, "Le Bon Bon".

The game is always multi-player enabled. When you enter the kitchen you will see other mice that happen to be hanging out in the kitchen too. Ask your friends to play and you will instantly see them spawn in, assuming they have an internet connection.

The Controls
1. Swipe forward, backward, up or down on the touch pad to roll your dough ball in any direction. Use multiple swipes to build up acceleration and really get moving around the kitchen.
2. Hit the mouse traps to launch yourself into the air and reach high places.
3. Avoid the Chef (he's not really that dangerous - he just smacks you into the air)

Vote for us if you like the game

Game Play Recommendations
We recommend you sit in a swivel chair to play the game. Ensure that you can spin 360 degrees. Then just look around and swipe away to get the ball rolling where you wish to go. Get comfortable with swiveling around in your chair freely as you explore the kitchen. My 6 year old and 8 year old were able to play the game quite easily and had a lot of fun with it. We hope you enjoy it too.

The Chefs (Team Members)
    Rick(@8bit) - Manager and Programmer - Game play, Animation and Networking
    Joowon(@joowon) - Art Director - Concept art, 3D models, textures
    Sebastian(@dcpunk) - Environment Artist - 3D models, texturing, level layout
    Galen(@pixelpusher) - Character Artist - 3D character models, animation, optimizations
    Brett(@agamer) - Programmer - Game play, UI and optimizations
    Nick(@Spidy88) - Programmer - Networking and website
    David - UI Artist - User interface and menus


    • dpiddpid Posts: 44
      Brain Burst
      The Katamari/ Ratatouille concept is a fun idea. I liked the theme a lot. The major issue I had was the camera movement causing severe sim sickness. In general locomotion in VR is very problematic. I actually found the rolling around in small steps not too bad. However, being smacked by the chef or being launched by mouse traps, forget about it. I wish I could have played longer to give better feedback.
      Snow Fight VR Jam 2015 submission
    • AmodoJoowonAmodoJoowon Posts: 3
      Thanks for uploading this @8bit! I had a great time making this game, and I felt that we tried to create a unique experience to the user in a whimsical, fun environment. Unfortunately, the big part of the game mechanic did not get implemented due to time constraints which are the recipe creation.. But this is only prototype, we will continue to improve upon our current design... *nudge nudge*
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