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Concept demo - What to include?

saviorntsaviornt Posts: 1,951
Right then, so I have been steadily growing my asset library to create this game that I have in my head (and on paper). In essence, my intent is to create a small scale MMO dungeon runner type of game with outdoor environments for "socializing" with other players. Basically, everyone is in town, they can talk/sell/etc.. to each other, they can also form groups to enter the dungeon, which will be instanced to the group.

So, for releasing a concept demo, what would you guys prefer to see? The environment, or environment + gameplay, or the multiplayer functionality?

I am hoping to do a "weekend mega-dev" session, along with this week of getting the environment into place. Personally, I think just the environment so far, so that I can get stats on optimizing it.

What do you guys suggest?


  • drashdrash Posts: 2,849
    saviornt wrote:
    So, for releasing a concept demo, what would you guys prefer to see? The environment, or environment + gameplay, or the multiplayer functionality?
    My usual advice here is to do all of that (the whole vertical slice) before releasing any kind of a public demo, otherwise you may lose "mental momentum", and if you only release one aspect of your vision in a demo, you run the risk of players checking that out but then not bothering with any other updates you add afterwards.

    That said, you should still reach out to specific people or friends to do some playtesting of your idea+execution before you get too far along. That's always valuable, doesn't eat into your momentum, and makes for a bigger splash when you release something to the public.

    Good luck! Love the premise (re small-scale MMO dungeon runner), so I'm excited to see where you go with it!
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    I honestly got bored of Rift demos that were just an environment model with no gameplay. It was cool at first, but after you've seen dozens of them, they are just not exciting (except for rare cases like Red Frame, where the art is so good it makes it worth it). So I agree with getting some sort of small but functional demo together first.
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  • genetransfergenetransfer Posts: 605
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    I agree with everyone, a vertical slice of what you want to deliver is important. I understand that is a lot of work to do but in most cases from what I see is lack of the actual vision in the projects, more just an idea or vagary. What catches my eye is when I'm made to feel involved in the experience and that the dev bled on the keyboard to present something with a clear vision. I admire anyone who still does "weekend mega-dev" sessions :) so I'll check it out anyway - I'm also locked in my room most of the time so look for any reason to escape - just make me feel what you want me to experience, make me feel involved - i gotta lay off this hipster vibe lol, but just saying what I'm thinking.
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