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Dealing with lack of anisotropic

8bit8bit Posts: 94 Oculus Start Member
edited March 2016 in Oculus Go Development
This is kind of in response to another thread about anisotropic in Samsung Gear VR area but that's not a dev area so I'm moving my post into here.
Original thread

My response
Basically I was dealing with bad floor and wall texture issues and hope to help others save time by sharing what I tried.

I didn't get perfect resolution but did find a quick and easy way to at least improve the jaggies and blurriness a bit at mid distance. Far distance is still quite blurry and I know this solution doesn't come free but was worth it for me.

First, my end solution (for the moment)
1. Disable "Anisotropic Textures" in your quality settings. The editor pretty accurately shows you what your textures will look like. This helps a lot for tuning and knowing what is helping.
2. Change "Texture Type" for specific texture to "Advanced"
3. On texture, set "Filter Mode" to "Trilinear" (this improved the texture a lot at mid distance)
4. On texture, set "Mip Map Filtering" to "Kaiser" (helps decently in reducing blurriness)
-- Search for "Kaiser" in http://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/class-Te ... orter.html for description
5. Use bigger texture (this obviously helps but there is a limit to helpfulness, experiment to figure out)

Some notes on my specific situation
1. I have everything scaled up by 10 in my game... this may affect what I'm seeing
2. My floor is a big grid, so the blurry and jaggies were super obvious

What didn't work
1. Trying every combination of graphical settings possible... this was before I found this thread :)
2. Disabling Mipmaps - this leads to super bad aliasing in the distance (MSAA doesn't affect/help this)
3. Using "Detail Mask" and "Detail Albedo" in the shader - I feel like there still is some way to combine a low resolution non-mip map for the main texture with a high resolution detail mask or something but I never got this to work

Some pictures
Bilinear (default texture import - very smudgy and jaggy)

No mip maps (expensive and lots of aliasing, MSAA no help)

Trilinear Box Filtering (getting better)

Trilinear Kaiser Filtering (best I could get on Gear VR)

Anisotropic Lvl 4 (not possible on Gear VR (S6) - just showing for reference)

BTW, this is WAY MORE obvious in VR. I didn't notice how really bad it felt until I see it in the Gear VR. Anyway, I'm still not totally happy and was thinking about making a custom shader or something but this is what I have for now. I hope someone else in the universe can save some time from my adventure. And if you do happen to have a better solution I would love to hear it. Also if I misrepresented anything here please do correct me.
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