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My mobile app crashes on startup! How do I get a signature file to run on the Gear VR?

I understand that mobile apps running on the Gear VR need a special signature file or they will crash immediately at startup. How do I get one?

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  • ross.adminross.admin Posts: 24
    Accepted Answer

    From the mobile Device and Environment Setup Guide:

    Application signing is an important step in this process. In order to access the full functionality of the VR APIs, your app will require a temporary Oculus Signature file (osig).

    When your app is ready for publication we will take care of this signing process for you. However, in order to test your app prior to store submission, you will need to generate a temporary developer signature file that is unique to your device. Please note that your app will not run properly unless it is built with the inclusion of this signature file.

    Follow the link below to access our online Oculus Signature file generation tool.


    Note that you may include multiple signature files in a single application in order to support multiple devices within your organization. When submitting builds for publication, please ensure that these signature files have been removed.

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