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Shipping to a Traveler

Hi. I am a traveler and do not have a permanent residential address. Does that mean I am discriminated and can not get the Oculus VR?


  • cybereality-ahubcybereality-ahub Posts: 753

    Unfortunately, due to fraud and issues with RMA support, Oculus does not allow the use of freight forwarding or mailing services. We did originally allow it with DK1 and scammers abused the system. In your case, it may be better to have a friend or family member purchase for you.

  • I take any responsibilities on myself and pay the full price in advance. Is there any solution? I need your product very much. Do not leave me without it.

  • No answer?

  • cybereality-ahubcybereality-ahub Posts: 753

    This probably is not the best channel for this sort of question. If you need specific customer support assistance, you should go to: https://support.oculus.com

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