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Anyone here using Macbook Pro for Oculus DK2?

I am on the fence of buying the DK2 but I am really afraid my only laptop can't handle the DK2.My macbook pro is the late 2013 version with 2Gz Intel I7, Intel Iriz Pro 1536MB
Will it be able to run without lag/judder and low FPS?

Should I even wait for the CV? (Cos it might be better, thus requiring more from my laptop)

Best Answer

  • mvetto-ahubmvetto-ahub Posts: 1
    Accepted Answer

    Actually i'm using the same system withthe dk2. It works properly without lag under macOS. I could not say the same under parallels desktop windows 8 emulation (iin this case it would not recognize the dk2, hope they'll fix the problem). Then the answer is yes you can buy it, but of course software demos you can run are limited to those working for macOS



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