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Oculus Crosshair Unity 3D

I'm having trouble to put the Script of OVRCrosshair that come with unity package to works, I posted answers.Unity comunity but nobody can helps me, I will post just the link here because it's much easier to see the compiled code:

Link to the question:

Answers Unity Question


  • Look at OVRMainMenu.cs for an example of how to use OVRCrossHair. Note that there are several methods you need to call:

    // On init
    Crosshair.SetCrosshairTexture(ref CrosshairImage);
    Crosshair.SetOVRCameraController (ref CameraController);
    Crosshair.SetOVRPlayerController(ref PlayerController);

    //From Update:
    //From OnGUI:

    You can see how each of these methods is called in OVRMainMenu.cs

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