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How to fix the disable/enable black screen bug in Unity Editor ?

To reproduce, try to load a demo scene like "Cubes", then press Play and disable and re-enable the Rift gameobject (like OVRCameraRig).

You will notice a black screen instead of the rift preview on the "Game" tab.

I was able to fix this with some minor hooking in OVRManager.cs in previous integration kits, but it's not working in 4.4.4, it is now crashing Unity.

Does anyone fixed this ?

Best Answer

  • lemerou-ahublemerou-ahub Posts: 3
    Accepted Answer

    Remade it for DX9 & DX11 and it should also fix some random crashes when closing DX11 application.
    Note that if you want disable any active OVR prefab, put your SetActive code in a LateUpdate() method to avoid any crash.


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