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Can't Find Oculus Store in Google Play

QTFMateQTFMate Posts: 0

I have not received my Gear VR or the code to get the games, but I've looked and looked in the google play store and on this site ( possibly not enough ) yet cannot seem to find where the store is at all. Is it built into the headset or something? I'll be extremely disappointed if I don't receive my VR and such by the time the deadline is up on 4/20/16 to receive the free games from pre-ordering, partially the reason why I upgraded so early.

Thanks in advance.


  • Rcknhrd77Rcknhrd77 Posts: 11
    Same here. Most won't receive there gear VR till way beyond April 20. Don't know why they made the deadline so ridiculously short.
  • GSSGSS Posts: 69
    Brain Burst
    you can only download the oculus store when a gear vr is plugged into the device. setup instructions . from my understanding of the promotion when you add your oculus account on a s7 within the time frame the games are automatically added
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 23,033 Oculus Staff
    So, the software is usually only installed when you dock the phone into the headset. But you may be able to force an install with this trick:

    - Go to Google Play Store and download "Quick Shortcut Maker".
    - Launch "VRSetupWizardStub" from the "Quick Shortcut Maker" app.
    - Launch the Oculus app and login with your Oculus account.

    Then see here:
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  • WakonTonkaWakonTonka Posts: 1
    Thanks a 10 to the 6th. This worked immediately. Some of the other workarounds were runarounds. Much appreciated CR!
  • Lex66Lex66 Posts: 1
    yeah great worked like a charm/ thanks
  • tondeaftondeaf Posts: 3
    Can you use this app to add Oculus friends?
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