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Oculus DK2: Screen specs + Brightness (Luminance)

kynthiakynthia Posts: 11
Hi all,

A short question from a newbie: I was expecting the DK2 screen to have brightness of roughly 340 cd/m2 when displaying an all white scene, based on the specs from the Galaxy Note 3 screen.

I was aware of the dimming caused by low persistence (thanks reddit!), however when measuring the luminance of the screen with a luminance meter, it's 60 cd/m2 (on the lens) and roughly 80 cd/m2 (pointing at the screen without the lens).
From the reddit thread I understand that at 75Hz, the pixels are lit the 18% of the time - and my measured brightness is indeed roughly 18% of the expected 340 cd/m2.

At this point I have to tell you that the white scene I made was in Unity 4.6.9 with configuration utility 1.9/SDK 0.7 as unfortunately my computer can't handle anything else - more recent versions crash and that's the only combination I've found to work. :blush: 

So, two main points:
1. Can I change something in my workflow? (e.g. haven't figured out how to remove the low persistence from Unity - I understand this might help)
2. Can I change something in the device itself? (e.g. some uber hacking tweaks that I'm not aware of)

Please enlighten me, wise developers!

Thank you for taking the time :smile:


  • kynthiakynthia Posts: 11
    Forgot to add: I'm aware one could change the brightness of the device from their graphics card control panel (such as the Nvidia) in previous versions of the Oculus Configuration Utility which supported the extended mode, but I would prefer not to downgrade. :)
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