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1.3.0 Performance report from the below-spec DK2 crowd

sbdykessbdykes Posts: 76
Hiro Protagonist
Pursuant to my previous threads on the topic, I have good news to report from the land of DK2 below-spec folks.

On the development side, I'm pleased to report that running on my below-spec GeForce 560Ti continues to function just fine after upgrading my project to SDK and runtime 1.3.0.  As previously discussed, the Kepler-or-better NVIDIA requirement is actually incorrect, as the NVIDIA Gameworks SDK the runtime is built on top of actually supports 500-level cards or better.

Further, I'm surprised to report that all of the VR experiences available through the release Oculus home, including Dreamscape, Lost, Henry, and Lucky's Tale all actually run at quite an acceptable framerate (smooth, no judder) on my setup.  This could very well be a result of UE4 doing a nice job of catering-to-spec for performance on those projects, but it was a very pleasant surprise.

Just thought I'd let those devs who are still plodding along in unsupported spec land know that, at least for DK2 setups, things are still working decently with the latest release.

Intel Core i7 2600k
NVIDIA GeForce 560Ti
Sensor utilizing USB2 (didn't work when plugged in to my unsupported USB3)
Headset utilizing unsupported USB3
X360 controller


  • wbskwbsk Posts: 35
    Brain Burst
    On everything we have tried the experience has been more than fine on one of our machines with dual GTX680's 4GB (obviously nothing released thus far is using VR SLI yet though), DKII, i7 3770K (Intel HD4000), 32GB RAM, tracking in USB2 (as for some reason it doesn't like USB3 ports on that machine).

    I think it's good that the public minimum spec is what it is though.  But also continuing to support officially 'underspec'd' machines like that for development is good as it pushes people to optimise for a wider market, so that users with the public minimum spec are assured a fantastic experience, and those users who risk below that at least stand a chance.
  • dieseldakotadieseldakota Posts: 37
    Brain Burst
    A couple of apps in oculus home have been giving me some judder during head movement. I'm gonna do some more testing tonight but I believe it might be due to lack of GPU memory.
    8gb ram
    GTX 760 with 2gb
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