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Library actions not allowed while in an app (1971017)

rafaelbferrarirafaelbferrari Posts: 9
Any got the error "Library actions not allowed while in an app (1971017)"? I'm trying to install Lucky Tales, but after download I get this error. 


  • rafaelbferrarirafaelbferrari Posts: 9
    edited March 2016
    OK, probably some application was running or not closed right. I restarted Oculus Store couple of times, and is working now.
  • spaghettimonsterspaghettimonster Posts: 8
    you get this error also if you have virtual desktop running.
    close it from task-manager and then it will install.

  • jaysejayse Posts: 2
    keeps happening to me - even after several quit and openings of Oculus - nothing else in my task manager. Buggy!
  • jaysejayse Posts: 2
    Solved it by playing another game - telling it to force quite the active game - which bugged out - but eventually let me do stuff without the error message. I think it had to do with running 'FlyInside P3d' for running flight sims inside Oculus. Untested territory - but pretty cool!
  • Codemonkey1991Codemonkey1991 Posts: 5
    This just happened to me too. Nothing was running. Launching another game (which Oculus did grudgingly as it told me I had another app running) then closing it solved it. I hadn't even played an Oculus game for at least 14 hours. Definitely very buggy.
  • wills_bwills_b Posts: 1
    I have had this problem for ages, turns out it was caused by a WebVR plugin in Firefox.
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