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SDK 1.3.0 Compile Broken For Intel Compiler

Steps to reproduce:
1: Download Oculus SDK 1.3.0 and open Samples/Projects/Windows/VS2015/Samples.sln in VS 2015.
2: Select "Use Intel Compiler" in project properties (ICC must be installed; tested version 16.0 update 2 == newest)
3: Select either LibOVR or LibOVRKernel as current project
4: F5

The problem seems to be that even though ICC is supposedly supported (see e.g OVR_Compiler.h:54), the rest of the library is oblivious to it, assuming that any non-MSVC compiler must be GCC-like (e.g. OVR_Types.h:546). Here is compiler output from compiling both projects in Win32 Debug mode.

Debug output on Pastebin.

This has been broken since at least 0.8.0.



  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    Sorry about this. I did bring it up with the team previously, and I'm not sure how challenging it is to fix, though it seems something of a low priority. 
    Can I ask why you can't use the Microsoft compiler?
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  • GeometrianGeometrian Posts: 8
    This is still broken in 1.3.2.

    I can't use MSVC because afaik it is ABI-incompatible with ICC (which is very picky, even among versions of itself). Also, MSVC is an inferior compiler, and the SDK is explicitly claiming to support ICC.
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