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ovr_Create() fails with -1006 (ovrError_ServiceError)

Hey people,

I'm updating a mod that provides native head tracking to GTA V, and it's meant to work with the stereo injector VorpX.

What the user sees is a menu which allows "VR mode" to be turned on, which then calls ovr_Create() to start the session. Without VorpX, this does not have any problems, and I get control over the in-game camera as expected. When VorpX is running, ovr_Create returns -1006 (ovrError_ServiceError), and I am unable to get any further information using ovr_GetLastErrorInfo().

VorpX does come with headtracking built-in, so I assume it has created its own session with the Oculus service. Is the Oculus service unable to support two sessions at once?

This mod has previously worked with runtime 0.8 and VorpX 0.9.1.

ovrSession oculus_session; ovrGraphicsLuid luid; ovrResult result = ovr_Create(&oculus_session, &luid); if (OVR_FAILURE(result)) { ovrErrorInfo errorInfo; ovr_GetLastErrorInfo(&errorInfo); LOGSTRF("ovr_Create failed: %s\n", errorInfo.ErrorString); }


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