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Object splitting related to head rotation velocity

mciccaronemciccarone Posts: 8
Since getting the latest Oculus runtime 1.3.1 almost all of my problems regarding DK2 compatibility have been resolved, except for one.

The problem I am encountering is that rendered objects seem to shift or split apart when I turn my head, yet appear perfectly normal when my head is fairly stationary. 

Does anyone know how to fix this?

I've had my DK2 since mid 2014 and I don't remember this being a problem with the older runtime and nvidia drivers. I only noticed this when I did the update to the 1.3.0 runtime and updated the Nvidia driver to 364.72

The initial Oculus loading screen (gray grid room with some basic text and glowing orbs) can easily be used to replicate this issue. It does the same thing for all applications, but I recommend the loading screen since it has a very simple scene and the framerate is well above 60 fps.
- If I look at one of those glowing orbs and start moving my head left and right the orb splits in two horizontally.
- When I stop moving my head the object appears correctly as a single object.
- The same behavior occurs when moving my head up and down. If I rotate my head in circles like I'm performing a neck exercise I will see the two objects rotate around a central point.

I've seen this in older posts, however I hadn't had this problem until I recently updated and the posts that described how to fix the issue are no longer relevant against the 1.3.0 binaries.

The older posts that I've seen are:

perhaps this too:

I'm using an ASUS G75VW with windows 10 64-bit
16 Gigs of RAM with GTX 660M
DK2 with 1.3.1 and nvidia 364.72


  • Is anyone else getting this behavior?

  • galopingalopin Posts: 355
    Nexus 6
    It happens when you do not reach the frame rate, it is THE artifact of async time warp. why does it happen while you say you are fine in performance, don't know, but you are not as good as you think !

    I also observed a bug yesterday in my sample when forcing slow frame rate, then setting it back to a light speed frame duration, under some unclear condition, the rift service become stupid and vsync lock my application to 45fps even if my render ( cpu and gpu ) is only a millisecond long… I had to restart my app to get back a vsync at 90fps.

  • Do you know what setting(s) or variables are used to calculate the smoothing?

    I was mistaken before (I was using the 0.6 runtime that worked perfect in the past, not the 0.8 as I previously stated)

    I found another post here regarding the issue, but this one was using a very old build.

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